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Creating a string of useful habits

Its when you get students like this that makes me love the job

Global Citizenship Award

Kyu Bak preparing a presentation for the Global Issues Network Conference Kyu Bak preparing a presentation for the Global Issues Network Conference

Post contributed by Kyu Bak Lee

I am a Korean national who grew up in Thailand. During my time in Thailand, I attended an international school that largely followed the British model. So, one can say that I saw the meaning of the word “education” being used and explained in many different ways. For the most part, due to my exposure to three different “worlds” (in a nutshell) from such a young age, my immediate answer to the question of ‘what makes a good education’ would differ tremendously in different cultures. However, now that I have gone through the likes of university, first job and now at a point where I can safely say that I have a career ahead of me, I have yearned for the ‘simple’ things in life.

A good education provides a student with a clear…

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hummm decisions, decisions…and not the small kind either…

Emma Bunton his made a fine career move hosting that UK Glee ripoff… really W2Servers 1024mb/40gb/unmetered VPS for $24 per YEAR!! Iz got one before 🙂 Mac vs PC people. My opinion? Give one the others computer:Mac users would moan like buggery, PC users would just get on with the job.. 🙂

just tried to do RDP through an NX via VNC, but I is too fat and did not fit

$15 a year to much cheapskate? how about $10, you tight sod? only 10 available!!

want a cheap VPS?? better be quick though

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